Friday, April 15, 2016

April 6, 2016 Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club

This month we had a strong discussion of issues related to injury of the pelvic floor in female cyclists.  Outlines are posted on this blog.  Recording is here

Next month's call is May 4th
Happy Spring

Les Lanternes Rouges: The Race for Information About Cycling Related Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sarah N. Partin, MSPH, Kathleen A. Connell, MD, Steven Schrader, PhD, and Marsha K. Guess, MD.
Published in Journal of Sexual Medicine. 2014 August; 11(8): 2039-2047.

Outline for April 2016 Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club
Sallie Rediske, PT, WCS
I.             Popularity of cycling ñ; largely driven by women.

A.            Nearly half cyclists are women.

1.            29-48 year-old females are driving the bicycle market.

II.            Purpose of literature review.

A.            Provide overview of current research regarding pelvic floor (PF) injuries and female sexual dysfunction (FSD) in women cyclists.

B.            Searchers used definition of FSD as defined by Sexual Function Health Council of American Foundation of Urologic Disease, 1998.

1.            English / English-translation only, 1998 and on utilized.

2.            PubMed, Medline, Google Scholar, Academic Search Complete, EBSCO databases, MasterFile.

3.            Search words: Cycling, female pelvic floor, female sexual dysfunction, pudendal nerve, cycling nerves, cycling blood supply, saddle pressures and cycling related neuropathies.

The Bar Sinister: Does Handlebar Level Damage the Pelvic Floor in Female Cyclists?

Partin S, Connell K, Schrader S, LaCombe J, Lowe B, Sweeney A, Reutman S, Wang A, Toennis C, Melman A, Mikhail M, Guess M. J Sex Med. 2012 May ; 9(5): 1367–1373. doi:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2012.02680.x.

Outline for April 2016 Pelvic PT Journal Distance Club
Sallie Rediske, PT, WCS

I.                    Injuries due to cycling.

A.      Physical Trauma.

B.      Overuse injuries.

1.       Saddle-related.

a.       Chafing, perineal folliculitis, furuncles, lymphedema.

b.      50-91% of female and male riders reported genital numbness.

c.       Saddle design and saddle pressure (SP) are associated with ED in male cyclists.