Friday, February 12, 2016

Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club Feb 2016


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Next call is March 9th - pregnancy related PFM exercises

Does pelvic floor muscle training improve female sexual function? a systematic review

Ferreira CHJ, Dwyer PL, Davidson M, De Souza A, Ugarte JA, Frawley HC. Int Urogyenecol J (2015) 26:1735-1750.
Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club February 3, 2015
Beth Shelly

Systematic review of 8 RCT which included PFM training and sexual dysfunction.

Pedro scale -  4 or 5 for most studies (one study rated 7) - fair quality - results interpreted with caution

Drop outs - five studies had dropout rates over 15% with one study as high as 52% dropout

Adherence to PFM exercises 19% to 96%

Heterogeneous patients - SUI (3), postpartum (2), POP (2), GYN cancer (1)

Most often sexual function was recorded as a secondary outcome

PFM training varied a lot. Individualized, group, with BF or ES, overflow muscles, home exercises. Unable to draw any conclusions about best PFM exercise prescription.

The association between different measures of pelvic floor muscle function and female pelvic organ prolapse.

Oversand SH, Atan IK, Shek KL, Dietz HP. Int Urogynecol J (2015) 26;1777-1781.
Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club February 3, 2015
Beth Shelly

Risk factors for POP

·         Vaginal delivery

·         Genetics

·         High BMI

·         Hysterectomy

Pelvic Floor muscle function in women with provoked vestibulodynia and asymptomatic controls

Naes I, Bo K. Int Urogynecol J (2015) 26:1467-1473.

Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club February 3, 2015
Beth Shelly

Vulovodynia in GYN practice - 12 to 16%

Dx by pt history, Q - Tip test, and inspection of intriotus, and is thought to be related to PFM overactivity, lack of PFM strength, and restricted vaginal opening.  PG 1468 describes difficulty with objective measures currently used.  The authors went to great lengths to use the most reliable equipment available for this study.

Assessor masked comparison of 35 women with provoked vestibulodynia (PVD) and 35 asymptomatic controls. It is unclear who did the measuring - Looks like author IN did explanation and vaginal exam for PFM contraction. Then she also did all the measurements with the person behind a screen.