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Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club November Recording

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Cortical Activation Associated with Muscle Synergies of the Human Male Pelvic Floor.

Asavasopon S, Rana M, Kirages DJ, Yani MS, Fisher BE, Hwang DH, Lohman EB, Berk LS, Kutch JJ.  The Journal of Neuroscience, 10-8-14. 34(41):13811–13818

Trisha Jenkyns PT, DPT, WCS
11-5-2014   Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club


The purpose of this study was to look the connection between the brain and the pelvic floor & pelvic floor synergies.

·         The authors hypothesized that, if the motor cortex is associated with pelvic muscle synergies, there would be a medial wall region in the brain that was active during voluntary pelvic floor activation and voluntary activation of synergists, and that moreover, stimulation of this region would generate pelvic floor activation.

·         Overview: First, EMG was first used to define PFM synergies.  Second, fMRI was used to define the part of the brain that is associated with the synergies.  Third, transcranial stimulation was then done to confirm that the fMRI-identified medial wall region is ‘likely’ to generate pelvic floor muscle activation

Intra-abdominal Pressure with pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Do Postoperative Restrictions Make Sense?

Yamasato KS, Oyama IA, Kaneshiro B. The Journal of Reproductive Medicine 2014 Jul-Aug;59 (7-8):409-13

Trisha Jenkyns PT, DPT, WCS
11-5-2014  Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club

OBJECTIVE: To quantify and compare intraabdominal pressures (IAPs) in women with pelvic floor dysfunction… during standard activities.


Prospective, descriptive study done at the University of Hawaii between 2007-2008.  Women were sequentially recruited when presenting for urodynamic testing with dysfunctions of POP and /or UI